Anti-corrosion protection

PCC Apakor Sp. z o.o. offers anti-corrosion protection of constructions and manufactured machines by means of painting kits selected depending on working conditions and corrosion environment. We also offer chemical-resistant surface finish made of ceramic, basalt, and carbon tiles, usually in devices at risk of heavy exposure to acids, alkali, and lye.

We have a hall adjusted to production of anti-corrosion finishing layers, equipped with a gantry crane of up to 5 ton lifting capacity. The hall measures 42 by 7.5 metres.

We offer removing old anticorrosion layers, cleaning the construction’s and machine’s surfaces by means of abrasive stream method with the use of abrasive material in various grain sizes deepening on the customer’s expectations on the surface’s processing.

We offer repair services of interior rubber and ebonite lining in all kinds of containers, including containers and service equipment for railway tanks. Depending on the conditions of use, suitable types of lining and application techniques are selected.