Process equipment

storage containers, pressure containers, reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, process columns, specialized devices, welded structures

  • for diameters up to 4 500 mm, the complete production takes place in PCC Apakor Sp. z o.o.,
  • for larger diameters, prefabrication takes place in PCC Apakor Sp. z o.o.  while the assembly is performed at the construction site, where the base is built using hydraulic hoists with rotating system or by applying the traditional sheet method.

they are manufactured in compliance with the prevailing provisions of the EU Directive PED 2014/68/UE.

  • with or without a heating jacket,
  • with propeller, ribbon, or planetary mixers, which are selected with concern for such sensitive aspect as the sealing of the mixing shafts.

shell-and tube heat exchangers with permanently fixed sieve bottoms, heat exchangers with floating heads and U-tube heat exchangers.

with bubble-cap trays, valve trays, and with filling.

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While manufacturing process equipment we use different kinds of materials, including carbon steel, boiling steel, high-alloy austenitic steel, titanium, duplex, nickel alloys, hastelloy alloys and aluminium. The welders employed at the plant have qualification certificates conforming to the following standards: PN-EN 287-1/PN EN ISO 9606-1, PN-EN ISO 9606-2, PN-EN ISO 9606-4, and PN-EN ISO 9606-5.

Our long-standing experience, as well as the extensive tradition allow us to meet the needs even of the most demanding Customers.