Repairs and modernization of railway and road tanks

PCC Apakor is certified to repair and modernize a wide range of railway and car tanks, pressure cylinders and containers designed for transportation of hazardous materials, which comply with international standards of road and railway shipping of hazardous goods and materials (ADR and RID).

We have a Railway Rolling Stock repair Department which also offers services concerning:

  • repairs and inspection of containers along with acceptance procedure of the Office of Transportation technical Inspection,
  • modernization and repairs of road and railway tanks,
  • modernization and repairs of pressure cylinders, large containers for shipping of loose hazardous materials (DPPL),
  • repairs of compressed air containers installed in railway vehicles,
  • repairs of internal anti-corrosion lining of containers and road and railway tank service equipment,
  • disinfection of containers,
  • welding by MMA111, MAG 135, and TIG 141 methods (certification from the Office of Transportation Technical Inspection),
  • cleaning surfaces and applying painting coats,
  • modernization of cars with adjustment of construction and functional solutions to teh customer’s requirements.